EbookEbook Transformations. The hidden art of Christo and Jeanne-Claude

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Transformations. The hidden art of Christo and Jeanne-Claude

ISBN: 978-88-98194-60-5 - Anno di pubblicazione: Giugno 2016

di Zornitza Kratchmarova

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No art galleries, no agents, no sponsors. To bring their art to life, they risked bankruptcy on more than one occasion; brokered a truce between two sworn enemies, Jacques Chirac and François Mitterrand; and even milked cows in California. Christo and Jeanne-Claude, in art and in life an indestructible couple for more than half a century, revolutionized the art world with their “monster” installations: site-specific “wrappings” of buildings, bridges, statues, seacoasts, even entire islands—revealing, in the process, the deeper truths of each place touched by their art.

For the first time, a book tells the story of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s lives and of their development as artists through the words of the men and women who worked alongside them to produce their visionary art on four continents. Ten interviews with ten exceptional people who witnessed Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s work from the inside, who saw their projects come to life in the face of setbacks and difficulties, and who, in the process of working with the artists, were themselves transformed.

They include such memorable figures as Wolfgang Volz, the couple’s official photographer and longtime partner; the collector, John Kaldor; Frank Seltenheim, the “tightrope walker of the Reichstag”; and Umberta Gnutti Beretta, the Italian noblewoman who offered her family’s private island on Lake Iseo for Christo’s return to the world art scene following Jeanne-Claude’s death.

Foreword by Ettore Camuffo. Preface by Stefano Lucchini.
Translation by Wendell Ricketts.

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